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1:1 Coaching

Through the Strongest You Method we aim to empower, educate & motivate our clients while they achieve, grow & transform.

All housed in our APP, Strongest You 1:1 Fitness, Nutrition + Health Coaching provides:

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Customized Training plan

Your training program will be completely tailored to you! We base programs on your schedule, what you have access to, your exercise/injury history, current mobility + stability, goals and more. Additionally, you'll receive specific mobility exercises to address any lingering stiffness, pain or limited range of motion.


Custom Nutrition Approach

Learn all about how to fuel your body for health and your goals via calorie or macronutrient targets and/or different tracking methods! You'll receive appropriate supplement recs if warranted, all while building your way to food freedom, forever.


Customized Gameplan

Building strong health habits and foundations are crucial to your success. More so, it needs to make sense for your busy lifestyle. You'll receive continuous guidance regarding your sleep, daily movement, habits + more. Fall ill? No worries, we will shift our approach! Traveling? We've got your back.


1:1 Access

Private, in-app chat with your coach, 24/6: send voice memos, videos, pictures, texts & more! This is your space to receive support, ask questions + work towards your goals. You can message your coach any time and your coach will also pop-in on you!



In our Strongest You App, you get to communicate with other Strongest Squad members via our forum AND smaller group chats with your coach. Give and get extra support & motivation while making new friends!

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Weekly Check Ins

Your coach will send you a video response reviewing your progress, comments, data, biofeedback, form checks & more to ensure you're making progress, getting the support you need + make any tweaks as warranted. Plus, get all the extra hype to celebrate all your wins!



Extra support calls as needed (1x/mo); referrals to other providers if warranted; in-depth gut health & headspace protocols (all in our legal scope); bloodwork review and guidance on how to advocate to your medical team, find doctors or work collaboratively with them, if need be.



Our Squad Hub has exclusive-to-you resources (personalized roadmap & more), bi-weekly recipe packs and an abundance of materials on training, nutrition & health to empower you with up-t0-date knowledge!



Utilize bonus monthly mobility flows, participate in fun in-house challenges, receive surprise gifts from your coach, jam to our weekly playlist drops, get shout-outs, exclusive merch and MORE!

Inquiring for coaching does not cost you or commit you to anything!

Should 1:1 coaching not be the best fit for you, we will recommend you for our other programs or to a resource that will best serve you. All services are available in 6 and 12 month commitments. An investment with Strongest You ranges from 1,350 to 5,900 with zero-interest financing and payment plans available.

The Strongest You Method has helped clients

Marathon PR | Deadlift PR | OCR with ease 

Run without stopping | Lift heavier than ever

Hike for 8 hours | No longer need inhaler 

Impress their doctor | Reduce/remove BP/other meds

Get pregnant | Recover quickly postpartum

Improved confidence | Improved energy | Improved ROM

Better sleep | Better cognition | Better work performance

Lose body fat forever | Increase lean body mass

Reduce resting heart rate | Improve BP | Improved bloodwork

Travel easier | Eat without guilt | Take their life back + MORE


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