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Prior to becoming a full-time, official LLC, or even being called "Strongest You" Samantha was coaching people virtually...on a very extreme side-hustle basis (read: Venmo payments, programs in Word, obscure check ins) while coaching people in person and attending grad school full-time. At the time, online coaching services were around, but not as popular and in-demand as they are today. 

In 2020, "SamanthaaadearFIT" launched full-time, offering online personal training, nutrition and lifestyle coaching services. In early 2021, SDF was renamed "Strongest You" by the Strongest Squad because SY "helps people become the strongest versions of themselves, inside and out."  Strongest You has since grown and evolved to serve over 150+ clients across the United States and Canada. 

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Mission x Approach

Strongest You aims to make fitness fit into lives, not lives into it. We aim to educate, motivate and empower our clientele to better health outcomes for longetivity via strength training, food freedom and habit formation.

Strongest You looks at the WHOLE you, meets you where you are and builds from there. We recognize that you are unique! We are goal-oriented, results driven and science backed.


Samantha DeMocker, MS

CPT, GFI, WMS, FNS, PPSC, FNMS, Gut Health, Pre/Post Natal

Specialties: Strength + Conditioning, Physiology & Nutrition

Faves: planning client roadmaps & doing check-ins

Brianna DeAngelis, BS

Specialties: Mindset, Food Freedom, Weight Training
Faves: Hyping clients, leg day + programming

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